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Born and raised in the French African colonies, and educated in the United States, Coco’s ability to speak five languages has served her well throughout her professional career. After retiring from a fifteen-year executive position in commercial software and technology, Coco entered the world of real estate and quickly established herself nationally in the top seven percent of Prudential agents.

Coco and her husband, Norbert, a seasoned real estate builder and developer, each bring a unique set of skills and experience to the table. Together they have founded successful real estate development and sales companies in California, Montana and Florida.

“Coco has an extremely analytical mind, which gives her the ability to grasp a complex real estate situation and come up with steps to turn a problem to an advantage,” says Norbert. “Her understanding of real estate laws, contracts, and liability issues is invaluable, whether she is representing a buyer or a seller.”

Because Coco and Norbert’s own life has been centered around real estate, they know its value in providing the most solid financial foundation to the clients they serve. “When we approach a client’s real estate issues and goals, we come with this mindset,” says Coco. “I want people with whom I work to know that I am profoundly devoted to them and the process. When I have the privilege of representing them, my entire focus is on what is best for them and their real estate goals.”

Coco Waldenmayer’s devotion to helping others build wealth and secure the future has brought her acclaim from both clients and her peers alike.

To reach Coco directly, call 239-220-1018 or email coco@lionrealtyflorida.com

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